As the Internet becomes increasingly ubiquitous around the world, more and more web users are making the transition from consumers to creators, merging art, technology and networks to build new and surprising digital art forms with unprecedented and democratising results.

What might the combination of these experiments in theory, code and creativity — a practice we refer to as "networked art" — mean for cultural heritage organisations, artists, technologists and curators? How will it change our understandings of galleries, libraries, archives and museums? And how might creative works inform our understandings of the open web’s key challenges, from privacy to ownership, and from identity to governance?

Join us at the Mozilla Festival 2014's new Art and Culture of the Web track in London this October to explore and break the boundaries of art as we know it.


INSPIRE: Open Studio | This space, the first of its kind ever seen at Mozfest, will host a groundbreaking live gallery featuring 10 new digital artworks from around the world, each encouraging participants to jump in, hack and build in collaboration with creators. Shrouded in mystery from the rest of Mozfest, each of the circular experiences offered within will illustrate critical artmaking in practice.

Parapara Animation Wall Mozilla Factory, Japan
Serendipidoodle + Neednoji Amy Burvall, Hawaii
Culture/Remix/Jam with the TATE Luca Damiani, London
Turtle Power + Mozfest Art Bazaar Forrest Oliphant + Gabriela Thumé + Vilson Vieira, NYC and São Paulo
Data Shadow Puppetry Stephen Fortune, Ireland
By the time we awoke to our folly: Alternate reality scavenging ginger coons, Toronto
Exquisite Corpse: Co-creating visual stories Michelle Gay, Toronto
Popathon Web-Native Storytelling Philo Van Kemenade + Giles Pradeau, London
Push Your Selfie Allison Hauser, Florida
Threadbare and the Network of Interactive Storytelling Joelle Fleurantin, NYC

PRACTICE: Workshops | To augment the Open Studio, in-depth theoretical understandings of networked art and culture will be encouraged through a set of 12 complimentary sessions and skill-shares facilitated by a diverse set of organizations. Ranging from cultural heritage investigations to webfonting, and from net art anatomies to data puppet-making, these experiences will inspire participants to explore, make and learn together.

Redesign Your Cultural Heritage! Saana Marttila + James Morley + Kati Hyyppä + Christina Holm - Aalto University + Europeana
Turtle Power Maskmaking Forrest Oliphant + Gabriela Thumé + Vilson Vieira - The Grid
Using the Past to Change the Future Jo Pugh - The National Archives
Designing Webfonts with Minecraft Ana Isabel Carvalho + Ricardo Lafuente - Manufactura Independente
Crack Open the TV — Play, Experiment and Shape an API Tracey Jacquith - Internet Archive
Net Art Anatomy Scott Meisburger - Rhizome
Unleash the Creature: Digital Art for Teens Dian Ina Mahendra + Isha Hening - Mozilla Indonesia
Portrait of a Creative Commons Artist Jane Park - Creative Commons
Mozilla GLAM rockers: Not Your Momma’s Galleries! Jennie Rose Halperin, Åke Nygren, Christine Prefontaine, Soumya Kanti Chakraborty
Mapping a Process for Design Contributors Cassie McDaniel - Mozilla Webmaker
Data Shadow Puppetry Stephen Fortune - University of Sussex
Symboloskopy: Designing Social Symbols Metod Blejec - Portfolio


19 September 2014 | The first virtual meetup was today, and our artists and facilitators broke the Internets. It’s going to be a wild ride.

9 September 2014 | Thanks to all who proposed sessions and ideas. We had an overwhelming response, and are now evaluating the final proposals. Have a question? Get in touch.


The Mozfest Art + Culture track is lead by Kat Braybrooke, Paula Le Dieu and Wreck & Salvage’s Erik Nelson.

Photo taken of the Draftsmen’s Congress at the 7th Berlin Biennale. Context here.